Thursday, December 17, 2009

Thursday Traffic | 17 December

Ah, welcome to another Thursday Traffic. This morning, I had to draw up courage and walk across the street to the MetroBus stop that I take every day. Each time that I attempt to walk across one of the "children crossing" sections of the road, it seems that cars speed up so they won't have to stop. First, what would they do if I truly was a kid? Run me over? Fly by and never let me pass? Second, will it kill them to stop? I mean, the speed limit is already 25 because it is a school zone, so it's not like it is too much.

Now, I know that pedestrians can be annoying. Trust me, I see them every day. They dart into the street only to end up stopping at the next light and waiting. However, as far as I'm concerned, if I am within the white bars of a crosswalk or the little walking man is flashing, I should be safe to cross the street. Perhaps adhering to the rules will keep traffic from getting so backed up on Thursdays as it is. Oh well, tomorrow's Friday—you can revel in that.

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