Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday Traffic | 10 December

Doesn't Thursday Traffic just roll off the tongue? I was sitting on the bus hoping that no one would sit next to me. You might ask why. You might wonder why it even matters. You might say that I don't own the seat, so how can I try to keep others from sitting next to me.

I'll tell you the answer to all of these questions I have made up for you to ask me. I don't like people sitting next to me because I value my personal space. Do you know how annoying it is to be squished next to a smelly person for thirty minutes? Then, you feel like you stink too. I know that I don't own the bus seat, but I think it is rude to sit next to someone when there are plenty of open space. It gets on my nerves. Anyway, in order to dissuade people from sitting next to me, I normally have my purse and tote bag on the seat next to me. Since I'm listening to my iPod, people usually avoid me. It's a relief on days like today when traffic is moving slowly.

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