Monday, July 9, 2012

Unreally delicious #41

A short while ago, I mentioned the Unreal™ franchise started by Nicky Bronner. Now, I have finally found the products (Michael's FTW!), so I am writing short posts about each one as I try them. The first item I decided to eat is Unreal41™, which is referred to as "candy coated chocolates." You can compare them directly to M&M's, and you will taste a similarity between both kinds. However, the Unreal™ version does not have any artificial flavors or colors, hydrogenated oils, corn syrups, preservatives, or GMOs. At 190 calories per bag (vs 230 for M&M's), there is incentive for anyone to make the switch to an "unjunked™" option. 

Have you seen Unreal™ anywhere? Did you try Unreal41™?

On the package—[Ingredients: milk chocolate (chocolate, skim milk, cane sugar, cocoa butter, milk powder, organic blue agave inulin, soy lecithin, vanilla extract), cane sugar, calcium carbonate, colored with (beetroot juice, turmeric root extract, purple cabbage juice) gum arabic, vanilla extract, carnauba wax & beeswax]

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