Thursday, June 28, 2012

Film Review | Brave

Image via Filmofilia

If you have read any number of my posts before, you'll know that I am a sucker for animation—hand drawn in particular. However, when it comes to computer animation, I am definitely a Pixar fangirl. Ever since Toy Story, I have been smitten by the creativity and execution of the company's films. With the exception of Cars 2, I have not missed a single one of their creations. You can imagine how excited I was that Brave was in the works. I followed the teasers, trailers, and images from blog to blog until this past weekend when it finally premiered.

Needless to say, Brave does not disappoint. It strays from the traditional princess storyline by giving Merida, our fire-haired protagonist, a tough personality. The animation is phenomenal (I watched it in regular vision) and the music was so poignant and appropriate. 

To be honest, I already know that I am biased by this film, so it's unfair for me to give it a grade. Instead, I will blatantly suggest that you and your family and your neighbors' kids go see Brave. Already seen it? Let me know what you thought.

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