Monday, March 28, 2011

Film Review | Rango

It's been a while since I've been to the movies and I was very excited to see Rango—we're talking Johnny Depp and cartoons? Well, my excitement was short-lived, but let's just get right into the skinny, shall we?

Grade: C-

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So, let's begin with what makes Rango a good film. I really don't want to start this Monday on negative notes. First, the animation was remarkable. At some moments, I was really amazed by how well the scenes were rendered. Hans Zimmer did a great job on music and the sound effects were believable and appropriate. In fact, the actual look of the film is the reason that the film scored so high in the grades. Otherwise, I'd probably have given it more of a D.

Unfortunately, Rango's plot was stiflingly pointless. There was all of these elements (for example, environment, heroism, religion, dictatorship, betrayal) that were put into the film, but little coming together of said points. For being Nickelodeon, I was expecting more humor and less...well, not humor. However, this particular film was rated PG for good reason. The language was a bit surprising as was most of the film. It all seemed a bit adult, yet without a purpose. Depp's voice didn't add much to anything and it wasn't really a movie that I see myself watching again.

Unless you have absolutely nothing else in the world to watch in theaters and feel the need to waste money, I wouldn't suggest watching Rango. I don't know if you should even wait until it's on for free.

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