Thursday, March 17, 2011

BOM: Cupcake Challenge 6/175

Top o' the mornin' to ya, readers. I promise that is the only cliché phrase I will use this St. Patrick's Day. To celebrate, not only did I don a bright, lime green wig to work, I also whipped up another batch of cupcakes from my Martha Stewart Cupcakes cookbook. Unsurprisingly, I opted for the St. Patrick's Day cupcakes. These use the Brown Sugar Pound Cake recipe from earlier in the book (for that recipe, these are topped with Brown-Butter Icing—same as the Pumpking Brown-Butter Cupcakes I've already made) and are liberally covered with Bailey's frosting!

My cupcakes actually were not going to look like the book. I did not want to put an inedible item on the top of the cupcake, so I chose to use green sprinkles instead of a clover. 

Of course, I had to begin by prepping my ingredients (a short one this time).

After combining my materials for my batter, I spooned it into the festive muffin liners. It baked for 25 minutes.

While my cupcakes were in the oven, I started working on measuring and sifting my ingredients for the Bailey's frosting.

Here are the cupcakes coming out of the oven and my work on the creamy Bailey's frosting.

Then came the fun part. Nothing like icing a cupcake and covering it with (a conservative amount of) sprinkles. A paper towel beneath the cupcakes makes cleanup easy.

And here are the some of the finished products getting ready to go to work with me. By far, this has to be my best work on a frosting. It was smooth and creamy and sweet. The cupcake was not overpoweringly sweet, so you can really enjoy it.

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