Monday, February 14, 2011

BOM: Cupcake Challenge 5/175

I wasn't going to make cupcakes this weekend, but whenever Valentines rolls around, I can't help making delectable treats. In honor of Valentines, I used one of the holiday cupcake recipes. Brownie cupcakes topped with pink tinted vanilla frosting and brownie bites.

These precious, paper liners from Wilton made a nice show of Valentine's Day. They come in a pack of 75 (25 of each design).

Quite a large assortment of ingredients. Lots of flour, lots of eggs, and lots of butter—lots of mixing.

I ended up doing a lot of mixing by hand. Instead of using my electric mixer, I opted for a hand mixer because I was using quite a large bowl.

The batter is ready to be spooned into those paper liners. Isn't it chocolately looking? What, with 12 ounces of Ghirardelli chocolate, it out to be.

Fresh out the oven. I had an additional brownie pan for the cutouts (the part of recipe that didn't go over well).

Electric mixer is a must for this fluffy vanilla frosting which I tinted pink with some drops of red food coloring.

I probably waited too long to cut out my hearts from my pan of brownies. So, I just cut little squares to top the cupcakes with. They taste delicious! I'm thinking I might make them again sometime soon.

All images courtesy of yours truly

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  1. Now I know I'm a bit biased here because I love brownies but these are fantastic!! Brownies + Cupcakes = Amazing! Love them and your baking skills! ^_^


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