Monday, February 14, 2011

Because of Martha | Valentine's Day 2011

First and foremost, let me wish you a very happy Valentine's Day. I love this holiday because it is another craft-friendly one. My lucky co-workers get showered with handmade goodies once again. Last year, I made little treat bags. This year, I ended up making something edible (it was a tough decision). I turned to the "Queen of Crafts" for ideas and wound up falling in love with the Valentine's Cookie Sandwich Pops. Hit the jump for process and results images.

All photos are courtesy of yours truly

I had to gather my ingredients first. This recipe calls for sugar cookies and royal icing, which I made from scratch. If you want to save on time, you could get pre-made sugar cookie dough.

After combining my ingredients, I had to chill the dough for one hour. I cannot honestly tell you what this did for the whole process, but it is a nice break to clean up dishes and such.

Once I rolled out my dough, it was a matter of cutting out little circles. There is a variation on this recipe that allows you to cut out smaller outs and fill them with candy. I didn't try that one out, but you might be interested in it.

Once the cookies had baked for eight to twelve minutes (you want them to be firm, but not brown), I let them sit on wire racks to dry. They actually don't take long to cool.

When my cookies were cool and decorated, I made my royal icing and sandwiched two cookies together with a lollipop stick between them. Then, I let them dry.

Here you see some cookie pops drying. I used edible marker to decorate the cookies. These can be purchases inexpensively at craft or party stores. Mine are Wilton brand, but there are others.

I wrapped each cookie pop in cellophane treat bags and tied them with a ribbon. I love the result. Kids will love working on a project like this.

Here's another image of the wrapped treats. Pretty delicious, right?

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