Thursday, September 16, 2010

International House of...

I read an article this morning about IHOP (that would be the well-known, often 24-hour restaurant, which is the International House of Pancakes) suing IHOP (this is the 24/7 International House of Prayer) for using their name illegally. Now, I understand that IHOP is really unique and you know what it is without even saying the whole name—it's like the USO now in that way—but exactly how is the International House of Prayer using their name illegally? IHOP argues that the organization is using their name to attract visitors.

As an aside, basically, you cannot use the same name when you are competing for the same market. So you can't have two department stores named Target. That's infringement. I am so curious as to how the International House of Prayer is competing with the International House of Pancakes. My thoughts?

  • They are stealing their paying customers because these people have decided to pray instead of munch on pancakes.
  • They have completely ripped off their logo and building style and are wearing the blue uniforms to persuade possible customers to pray.
  • They are making pancakes and giving them to people who come to pray for free.

No, really, all jokes aside, I think this is a case that didn't need to happen. I am giving IHOP some mercy and assuming that they spoke to this International House of Prayer prior to taking them to court. The responsible action would have been for faux-IHOP to change their name. So always be certain to check out any name ideas online before using them so you avoid this kind of situation. What are your thoughts about all this?

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  1. Reminds me of when wrestling had to change from WWF when they were sued by the World Wide Fund for Nature or something like that.

    I love IHOP though. The pancakes. I'm not against prayer, I'm just sayin' I side with pancakes.



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