Monday, October 15, 2012

By Our Powers Combined

It's funny how we are raised to work and play together, yet when we are older, we drift so far away from those roots. There are all kinds of fun activities that engage children in conversation and cooperation with one another. Yet at some point, we realize that working together is not always fun. Sometimes, our opinions differ. Other times, we have to work with someone we do not like. However, we are forced to come together regardless for a greater purpose. Like the Planeteers from Captain Planet, we must bring our talents together to accomplish something bigger than ourselves.

That is why this idea of the Power of We struck such a deep cord within me when I saw the Blog Action Day post for this year. It's a humbling experience to work with others. It's not that the process is painful, it is that we realize how differently we approach the same problem, and sometimes how small our scope is. We truly is a power. Depending upon your nation, "we" can choose a new leader. "We" can cure diseases. "We" can fund a project.

Today is a big day (for some states) here in the United States. It marks the final day to register to vote. With elections right around the corner, we has never been such a big deal for two strongly positioned candidates. Eventually, the campaigns will die down and our new president will be sworn in next year, but "we" does not fade away. We still have so much to accomplish. 

I know it's a bit early, but I am making a resolution for 2013. With the "end of the world" over on December 31st, my goal is to really get into volunteering again. I used to be more involved in my community, and I have not for a long time. My question to you is will you also sign up for local volunteering opportunities? If you are in the DC-area, I recommend HandsOn Greater DC Cares. You'll probably have an awesome program similar wherever you are. If you do not have one, try starting one yourself. We can do this together (though most likely apart) and make a difference everywhere.

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