Monday, August 6, 2012

Studio Ghibli Love

From Oh-Totoro Tumblr

If there is one animation studio that I have to say is consistently successful in telling stories, it would have to be Studio Ghibli. Unlike animation wizards at Pixar, all of Studio Ghibli's films have cel animation. This is a huge feat and it explains why their releases are so staggered (that and translation for those of us in the states). One of the best aspects of Studio Ghibli is the amount of detail that is paid to simple tasks. I am immediately reminded of watching Chihiro/Sen in Spirited Away putting on her shoes, or tying her hair up with a rubber band. Such a simple thing that is given such detail. Also, if you ever look at the scenes, there is so much attention shown to food preparation and nature.

I tumbled across a great Tumblr that gives some very nice scenes from Studio Ghibli films the gif treatment. It's a nice way to see some of the artwork that makes Ghibli films so special. Check it out »

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