Thursday, April 12, 2012

Thursday Traffic | 12 April

Image by Andrew Bossi
It's funny how thinking about thinking can be a difficult act. While riding the Metro, I considered this fact. When you try not to think, all you do is think about not thinking. Other times, thoughts are lost in some expanse of the brain. I sometimes wonder if my thinking really happens in my brain or in some other part of the body that seems to put pressure onto the brain. Science will prove my imaginative mind wrong, but it's worth a thought, right?

Why think about thinking anyway? Well, mankind has consistently had an obsession with thinking and questioning the world around them. It happens on many levels. Thoughts about life and death and the purpose of our existence. There are times when I feel very much like a greater force is moving in my life. I attribute this to God. Others might chalk it up to evolution. A few might say it is destiny, but I do think about my life, and what I'm doing with it, often.

If we never thought about our lives, what would the point be? In that case, we would be just like animals—simply surviving. Instead, we are probing the world around us and solving problems that we encounter (and sometimes create). It's truly magnificent if you think about it. So much depends upon our thought process and how we decipher the words we hear. Misunderstandings are common with spoken and written conversation. Why? Well, you thought it had a different meaning. Other times, things just click—like gears falling properly into place in our minds and spinning diligently as they should.

My musings are those of a person absorbed in thought. It makes me wonder. Have you ever thought about the act of thinking?

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