Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Cartoon Chatter | Total Drama Island

To give Cartoon Network series a bit more of a shout out, this Cartoon Chatter is all about Total Drama Island. The show is from the makers of 6teen, and it is a parody of Survivor. To its credit, Total Drama Island did an excellent job of jabbing fun at survivor-type reality shows while being creative. Like many Cartoon Network shows, some of the humor goes more to adults than children, but it broadens the target audience.

Each episode of the show follows the struggles of each challenge the participants face. The teens are all different with some very unique personalities. The beauty of a show like this is that you can create various characters to which kids can relate. The show has a lot of jokes, and it is linear, which I always enjoy. Some of the material is probably dated now, but the scriptwriters did a good job of keeping with things popular at the time.

Of course, some challenges result in some pretty disgusting things happening, but that's kid humor for you. Despite all maladies and vomit, the show often highlights interesting things without beating you over the head with it. There is something for everyone here—romance, betrayal, trust, acceptance, and more. The actual style of the show makes it easy to follow the characters from episode to episode. Like Pepper Ann and Doug, the characters generally wear the same outfit every episode. I think this could have been updated more often, but that's just me. I always like cartoons that switch things up in a realistic way.

Although it has now delved into more seasons than I have watched, I can definitely vouch for the first season of the show. I have some catching up to do to reach the current Total Drama Action.

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