Thursday, November 10, 2011

Thursday Traffic | 10 November

It is Thursday and let me tell you what—traffic was moving today. The usual "parking lot" that we have to drive through to get to work was more like an expressway. When things move, everyone is happy. Speaking of moving, I'm taking a big step and moving out on my own. It's a nerve-wracking, yet exciting thing to do. There are some pros and cons to living alone:

  • A space to call your own—some people never get a chance to experience this. This will actually be my first time experiencing it myself. You can choose your "look" for your place and do whatever you want whenever you want.
  • Less energy usage—the more people you live with, the more electricity/water you will use. Trust me. 
  • Controlling the strings—sometimes, it's nice not to worry about upsetting someone else, or dealing with other guests. With your own place, you don't have to ask if it's okay to invite a few friends over, and you don't have to have any awkward moments where you try to find something in common with a roommate's friends.
  • Expensive—sharing a space certainly does lower the cost of renting.
  • Lonely—having someone else to talk to can be nice. It's also good if you can split up chores like cooking and cleaning and such.
  • No extra key—living with someone can guarantee that someone else will have a key to the house. Alone, you have to be more careful. That includes other things too, like did you leave the oven on?
Yeah, so maybe I am exaggerating on a few points, but I'm super pumped to be living on my own. I think it'll be a fun experience. Any of you have your own place? Any tips and pointers for me?

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