Thursday, July 28, 2011

NewfoundEtiquette | Dealing with Creepers

In the days of old, Miss Manners let you know how to handle the world around you. She could tell you everything from what to wear to proper ways to respond to questions. In fact, she still gives eager seekers a touch of help in a weekly column. Yet I don't believe that Miss Manners has to deal with creepers often.

What are creepers? you ask? Well, you know a creeper when you see one. I feel that I must have a creeper magnet or something. There is always some weirdo or another that approaches me for an odd reason that is just downright creepy. Case in point: All I really wanted was Potbelly (continued after the jump)

For lunch, I headed out into the summer heat in search of a quick bite. I was about to go to Corner Bakery, but the line was a bit too long for my taste, so I opted for Potbelly. Everything was fine and dandy until I paid and left the restaurant. Enter the creeper—a heavily accented (perhaps Italian), suit-wearing, slicked back hair, older gentleman (probably my father's age) got my attention. He offered to buy me lunch (or dinner). When I politely refused the offer, he persisted. Maybe I would like a ride in his car, he thought. Again, I refused. What is it that creepers don't understand about the word no, I wonder?

Either way, all you want to know is how to deal with these creepers. Here is the rundown:

  • First of all, don't lose your cool. Yes, they might be oddballs, but they are still people. Stay calm and breathe steadily.
  • Next, confirm your stance. If they are trying to sell you something that you just aren't buying, let them know it. Be firm in your words.
  • If that second tip doesn't shake the creeper off, it is time to take some more serious precautions. While in a public location, use the other people to your advantage and call the creeper out on their actions. If you can leave your current location safely, give the creeper the slip (go somewhere that would dissuade your new stalker).
  • Important! Do not go anywhere with creepers or accept anything from them. If any person ever makes you feel extremely uncomfortable, call the cops on them.

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  1. NewFoundJoye, I am afraid you are truly mis-informed. The correct thing to do is to drop everything and RUN! Joking. You are correct. They are still people, but it is very important to be short and hold your stance. If need be lie. Such as you are engaged.


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