Tuesday, May 17, 2011

I will never be on Oprah, Mom

If you have heard the news, you are aware that Oprah's last show will air next Wednesday. It's odd for me to think of the fact that it will be over. You see, adults watched their favorite shows end as my generation was born. In turn, it is now my time to watch the popularity of shows completely change.

Oprah was one of the only talk shows I have ever watched willingly (though not often). Her show was often life-changing for her guests. She helped people, she gave gifts, she brought secrets to light—she made dreams come true, with Disney finesse. We watched her battle with her weight from season to season, and she became more and more elaborate as the years progressed. Books rose to popularity at her word and Dr. Phil was introduced to the world. As she made her changes, my life changed. I grew older, I learned more, I found a goal for my life (maybe). However, in the back of my mind, I've always wanted to be on her show. I've wanted to accomplish something worthy enough to be aired on one of her shows, or at least sit in the audience once.

It seems that an appearance on her show is simply not in my fate. However, as Oprah ends its twenty-five year run, my mind can come up with nothing to take its place. Not just anyone can replace a woman who has spoken with celebrities, political figures, and the everyday person on the same level she did. As I raise my hat to Ms. Winfrey, I hope that no one tries to touch what she created. Now, I will simply have to wait for the next part of my childhood memories to vanish completely.

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  1. What a fantastically written post! Sad to see that Oprah is going off. Even though I rarely watched her show...it's still sad.


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