Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Spring

For perhaps the first day since spring began, it is actually a nice "spring-ish" day. Have you completed your big spring cleaning, Reader? I'm still working on that (slowly), but it's coming along. I think that when the weather is warm, I enjoy eating more than ever. So, I had a nice excuse to bake up some delicious. If you worked with me, you'd be eating some chocolate fudge cake pops right about now. 

Since you do not work with me, I wanted to share this with you so you can surprise your own coworkers. I've made cake pops before (wow, they looked so lumpy), but I think my skills have somewhat improved. Due to the recent "cake pop-ularity," companies are starting to create items for them. Wilton made the carriers (which I decked out using Hallmark's adhesive ribbon available in stores) and they also have a stand for decorating cake pops (but make sure you use styrofoam to dry your pops!). Actually, if you search their site, you'll come across a lot of great supplies.

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