Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Cartoon Chatter | Tiny Toon Adventures

They're tiny, they're toon-y, they're all a little loony! Yeah, every time they invaded my TV and I was taken in by the poppy, easily-stuck-in-your-head theme song of Tiny Toon Adventures (better known as Tiny Toons), I was a little loony too. Oh what a loon I was. The best and most obvious thing about the show was that it took the famous and popular Warner Bros. characters like Bugs Bunny, Daffy and Porky Pig and turned them into miniature, alternate versions of themselves modeled after the kids of the 90s.

Most episodes were filled with several small skits and usually had one music video involved (these were the glory days of music videos, you know). I still remember "The Name Game" (you can skip to 0:40 if you'd like) and "Particle Man" because they were so comical and funny. Unlike the moral heavy Disney cartoons of the time, WB proved that they didn't always need to beat you over the head with virtues to make a good show.

I'm sure that if it aired now, it wouldn't be as popular as it was then, but truly, Tiny Toons definitely deserves a moment in the limelight because it was a great show. In addition, Sega created a great Tiny Toon Adventures game called Buster's Treasure that I liked playing. But hey, those were the good ol' days of cartoons (said like someone a lot older than myself, I know).

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  1. Loved. This. Show. Especially that Particle Man episode. Hehehe!


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